Yellowfin at the Farmer’s Market

This time of year it gets hot and humid early. It’s best to have everything done by 10am. And spend the rest of the day chilling out.

So, this morning, it was time for an early visit to the Ft. Pierce farmer’s market. Hadn’t been there for awhile.

But by the time we got there it was already hot. So, I decided to let my wife shop while I chilled in the shade near the Marina.

It’s a great place to sit near the water and avoid the heat, congestion, etc at the market while still listening to the live music and watching the boats, birds and fish.

But today, I saw something completely unexpected. A half dozen large, open ocean kind of fish cruised by. They were:

  • about 10 feet away
  • just below the surface
  • as long as my leg
  • had two unusual sickle shaped fins
  • a row of yellow spikes to the tail
  • a metallic silver-blue with yellow coloration on the fins, spikes, side

What a beautiful fish. Obviously a high speed predator far from their open, deep water home.

I had no idea what they were. A fellow stopped. Glanced into the water. And suggested I drop a line in to catch some Yellowfin Tuna.

Had I caught one, it would look like this.

Yellowfin Tuna at the farmer’s market! Not in the kind of fresh killed and iced way I would have anticipated. But alive. Full of power and grace. Beautiful. Wild. Free.

When it suits them, they could come and go as they please. Return to the deep ocean, maybe many 1000s of wild miles away, or not.

They could have fed me and filled my freezer had I caught them. Yet they did something far better. They fed my spirit. What a treat!