Wildlife in My Backyard


It’s hard to believe but our little home, in the city, is surrounded by wildlife. A Bobcat enjoys lounging beneath the Cassava. Today is the second time he’s been seen there. They are shy. And disappear at the slightest hint of human intrusion.

I suspect he’s been around longer than he’s been seen.

A half a dozen squirrels commonly spend the day fighting over two bird feeders in our yard. About a month ago, most of them disappeared in less than a week.

Now, I’ll see one or two a day. They keep to trees, and leave the bird feeders alone. I thought somebody had poisoned them. But I think I know what happened.

And the Bobcat isn’t good news for the rabbits either which are fewer in number.

Black Vultures

Black Vulture.
Black Vulture.

The Black Vultures, which are the ubiquitous road kill cleanup crew around here, let me know something unusual was up. Normally they gracefully and silently circle on the thermals. I enjoy watching them.

But not so yesterday morning. Suddenly, they made a racket and scattered in every direction.

Bald Eagle

Looking up, I saw a Bald Eagle flap through their formation and descend to about 100 above the ground. Then he disappeared below the tree tops. More bad news for the squirrels!

Apparently, seeing a Bald Eagle was as unusual for the Vultures as it was for me. Two rare and unusual sightings in one morning!

In Wyoming, Bobcats are common, but seldom seen as they are shy. I saw Bald Eagles every day there. But I never expected to see either of them here in Florida! And certainly not in my backyard.

Bald Eagle by https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Yathin_sk
Bald Eagle by Yathin_sk at en.wikipedia.

It’s nice to know these animals can find a little peace and seclusion somewhere away from Florida’s mad crush. And its not lost on this old Wyoming either.


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