Warren Murrell – No More

I’ve watched my dad’s health decline over the last few years. He was a strong man and I expected him to linger. But a massive cerebral hemorrhage quickly ended his life. He died with his family by his side. And without any suffering or pain.

Burying a parent is what we all must go through. And it’s a natural process if we’re lucky enough to do so.

It’s been a busy last few weeks. I have been at peace with my father’s death. And haven’t shown much emotion till just now.

I’d had another similar moment, that bordered on the emotional. I drive a bus. And I routinely drive by the funeral home where my father’s remains are located. I hadn’t given it a thought until last Thursday. I looked at the place and thought, “My gosh! My father is in there”. My emotions began to well up. I wondered if I could continue to drive the bus. Then a wonderful peace came over me. Somehow I knew he wasn’t there. That knowledge came from outside myself.

We were so different. And yet so much alike.

Oh, how I will miss him.

His son.


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