Wandering Off Again

Where to Now?

Lately, I’ve been wandering off the bee natural pathway. And I bet you’re thinking here he goes again!

But life is more than bees, especially when you live in Wyoming’s climate where there’s more none-bee weather than bee weather in a season. It will be many weeks before any meaningful inspection is possible. And real bee work is still months away.

If all was done right late last summer, everything that can be done, has already been done. The bees are what they are. Messing with them now only makes matters worse.

Equipment work can wait for warmer temperatures when glue, paint and a warmer beekeeper just seem to work faster and better.

What, Me Dance?

Here’s a clip that I find absolutely mesmerizing.

I’ve never understood dance. I witnessed some ‘s power that night my son can back from Iraq.

But this performance absolutely astounds me. It has a power and beauty that I’ve rarely experienced. While watching, I quickly lost my full awareness of two humans dancing. And it didn’t fully return until the lights came on at the end of the performance.

What do you think? Did those dancers accomplish their purpose?

Is it too late for an old beekeeper, who was too awkward, too ignorant and too embarrassed to experience the power of the dance, to learn something new?

Bee Dance

Concerning bees, maybe the DVAV dance should get it’s old name back? I’ve always thought that the ‘joy dance’ was a better name for it. Joy is the perfect word to express the energy and excitement the dancing bee transfers to her lethargic partners. Sometimes science just takes the joy out of things!

And my opinions aren’t all based on some sentimental anthropomorphism. It was commonly thought that smaller brained animals lacked the full range of functions experienced by larger brained animals. But recent research has shown brain size is not a limiting factor for brain function. Smaller brains can experience the full range of function and emotion of larger brained animals. They don’t lack function, just precision.

Me and the Bees Dancing?

Just like those honeybees, where one full of energy and expression shakes up her lethargic companion, these dancers have revived something in me!

So it’s out with the DVAV and in with the joy dance! Both for me and the bees.

And if I’m in the mood and I’m way out in a beeyard by myself. I might do my own version of a beekeeper’s joy dance there.  I’ve certainly experienced my share of joy while working bees.

In my mind, my joy dance might resemble that dance above. It is full of power, expression, grace and energy. But as joyous as that might be in my mind, I’m sure you know why I’d only do my own bumbling and stumbling by myself, way out in one of my beeyards. 🙂

Too Far?

Did I wonder too far off the path? Certainly not far enough off to get into much trouble, I hope.


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