Umbrella Tree

umbrella treeThe Umbrella Tree is another beautiful and unusual plant that’s now blooming in South Florida.

  • native to Australia, Java and New Guinea
  • grows to 50′
  • has beautiful deep green palmate leaves
  • large, tentacle like appendages covered with 100’s of crimson red blooms
  • has few pests
  • the bees love it
  • and it tolerates poor soil, heat and drought

In other words it’s a great plant for south Florida.

It’s unique character adds a exotic/tropical look  when landscaping. But it can become invasive in some situations.

An Umbrella Tree is spontaneously growing on our undeveloped lot. Initially, I didn’t know what it was. With it’s exotic appearance, I thought it might be a tropic fruit tree. But now knowing more, it’s a welcome addition.


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