The Farm – A Year Later

It’s been about a year since starting our Florida farm. A farm on our little Florida retirement lot? Not. It’s just a phrase relatives use when referring to our suburban growing obsession. Here’s how it looked through time:

It’s more difficult than I thought, to grow stuff in Florida. With salty beach sand for soil, and myriad endemic diseases and pests, most non-native plants quickly succumb.

Florida markets are filled with fresh, affordable, high quality produce. Some is grown locally. And on such a large, efficient scale, that buying produce is cheaper, easier, and more risk free than growing it.

Growing things is just part of me. As a child, seed catalogs annihilated Wyoming winter’s monotony. As an adult,  that passion grew into large organic gardens. But after decades of Wyoming gardening, there wasn’t much new to learn about, or grow there.

Not so with Florida. Although I’ve had some success, I’ve also had some notable failures. There’s still much to learn.



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