The Cycle of Things

I spotted my Virago a couple of days ago. It’s been years since I’ve seen it. And the sight brought back some unexpected memories, for we parted company in 2007. And it was a grievous split.

To make a long story short:

  • In 2007 I moved to Florida
  • Discovered at the last minute before leaving Wyoming that our leased condo didn’t allow cycles on the property! My first encounter with a gated community and owners association
  • Wife’s Florida family declined to let me store it on their property. First real encounter with wife’s Florida family
  • Storage costs were prohibitive
  • So, I sold the Virago at a distressed price
  • Florida didn’t work out
  • Returned to Wyoming
  • Bought the CX500
  • But missed the Virago

Those first encounters with the home owner’s association and with my wife’s family portended my Florida future. Had I been thinking, I could have stayed in Wyoming and kept the bike. I would have been better off.

But it seems I learn most of life’s lessons the hard way. I won’t be returning to Florida anytime soon. I’ve got nothing there except some property. And now I know it. I’m just grateful that I married the woman, but that we were far enough away that I didn’t have to marry her family.

Since returning to Wyoming, I haven’t gotten a single personal phone call from any of them. The difference now is that I know it and don’t care if they call. And I won’t be calling any of them anytime soon either.

Concerning the Virago, it’s obviously had several owners. And it’s once pristine, classic condition was degraded with a new paint job. It’s a bright maroon, almost the same color as my Honda.

The new colors reminded me of a J-3 Piper Cub that was meticulously restored and painted a bright metal flake blue. Pretty, but just not natural. 🙂

Yet, it’s good to know that somebody still enjoys my favorite time machine. And I hope to see it again and maybe even meet the new owner.


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