The Beach

It’s hot. I’m feeling trapped hanging around the air conditioner. So, it’s time to get to the beach. And try out the snorkel gear my brother Don gave me.

Didn’t expect to see too much as the coral reefs are a couple of miles offshore. But surprise. Hundreds of fish schooled and darted around me.

Maybe they were feeding on stuff stirred up by the surf. Or maybe some large predator was herding them together for an early lunch. But what do I know? 😉

Swimming farther out, almost too far to be seen from shore, only a fish were seen.

But I did see something that go me excited. In the deeper water, there was a glint on the bottom. With millions of dollars of Spanish treasure still awash here, it was worth a look.

It took me a couple of tries to get there. It was deeper than I’ve gone in 50 years. But when I did, no treasure, just a lost dive mask.

After a short rest, it was time for more adventure.

But, looking at my non-swimming wife, stuck on a burning hot beach too hot to walk barefoot on, I had better thoughts. There will always be another day, probably cooler than this one.

But what a beautiful day it was. My spirit were revived. I hardly noticed the burning hot sand, my sunburned skin, or the heat, until I got home.


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