Take a Trip and Never Leave the Farm

Night Blooming Jasmine
Could it be a Night Blooming Wildflower Weed?


I woke up this morning in a strange state:

  • my sense of time was running slow.
  • moving objects seemed to flow.
  • I had a vertigo like sense with changing perspective/ depth perception.
  • I couldn’t walk straight without concentrating.
  • And I was constantly distracted by nothing.

Only problem, my wife was experiencing a little vertigo as well! And we hadn’t eaten or shared anything the previous day except a night filled with the intense fragrance of Night Blooming Jasmine.

That bush is right beside a bedroom window I sleep next to. It’s got a magnitude more blooms than leaves. And the fragrance is so strong you can actually taste the sweet on your tongue. Last night, It was the most intense, concentrated fragrance I’ve ever experienced from a plant.

After a little search, I found out Night Blooming Jasmine is psychotropic.  No stroke. No food poisoning. I was higher than a kite!

I’m still feeling the effects now. Things are a little swimmy. But I can walk straight anyway. And my condition might explain the delete key failure on my keyboard. I’ve been pushing the delete key all morning and it just won’t backspace like it use to. 🙂

The upside was pleasant, whimsical and amusing. For awhile I identified with what this guy was singing about.

Just a couple of old retire people out in their Florida garden. Smiling while watching the bees. And wondering whats wrong with their eyes! 😉

But unfortunately, there’s a downside that lasts four times as long. And falling out of that windmill is a real possibility.


It begins as the slow motion vertigo aspects shift into a snap mode. In this mode, body movements seem to happen instantly without effort. I’d decide to stand up. Snap, I was instantly and effortless up.

It was so convincing that I asked my wife what was happening. Nope, I wasn’t a young time traveler snapping through space. Just the same old man, getting up the same old way.

Soon to follow was a horrible combination much like drunkenness and motion sickness times two.

Night Blooming Jasmine has a pleasant fragrance. But the pleasant, whimsical and interesting upside just isn’t worth the horrible downside.

Those bedroom windows will be closed tonight.


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