Sustainable Grasslands

Historical records indicate that the western plains were filled with large herds. Buffalo, elk, deer and the attending predators were abundant. Looking at the same land today, it’s hard to image how so many animals could live in such an impoverished environment? How could so much environmental change occur in little more than a 100 years?

Restoring the natural relationships, upon which all life exists, is critical to our survival.¬†Beekeeping is where I sensed that need. But our whole world is crying out. And those with ears to hear can hear that call. And those that can sense the right spirit know we urgently need to return to Earth’s natural ways.

We humans are in a conundrum. So many mouths to feed. And so much energy and resources needs. But their consumption, which fuels our existence, threatens the superorganism of which we are a part.

Like any infection, if it doesn’t get in balance with its host, a fever will ensue to reduce the population and limit its impact.

Is Allan Savory’s experience a natural step in the right direction? If we want to keep eating and living well, I think so!


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