South Florida Tomatoes

South Florida Heirloom tomatoes, a rarity.

Tomato time! It’s that time of year in South Florida. A time when rapid adolescent plant growth, fueled by ideal conditions, slows. And that’s both good and bad.

The good:

  • the plants are large, luscious and beautiful
  • it’s still cool enough for tomatoes to set fruit
  • Florida tomato season is at it’s peak
  • the odor of fresh tomato sandwiches fills the house

The bad:

  • pathogens will soon catch up and overpower those beautiful plants
  • harvest duration is half that common in Wyoming
  • in six week it will be to hot to grow any kind of temperate vegetable

This is our third season with tomatoes. We’ve learned much.

Tomatoes are harder to grow in Florida than they were in Wyoming. Florida’s ideal climate,  abundant water, and long season provide an ideal environment for growing tomatoes. But it also provides an ideal climate for growing and harboring tomato pests.

Unless specifically disease resistant, most tomatoes are quickly overcome. Even disease resistant varieties succumb about half way through the growing season.

Heirloom varieties are particularly susceptible as most lack any kind of disease resistance. They seldom produce anything.

That’s what makes this season so special. Just look at those heirloom beauties. A rarity in South Florida.


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