360px-el_pensador-rodin-caixaforumDo you believe God has given the world an end time message through the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

Then you must also believe that Ellen G. White was God’s prophet. Not only did her visions guide historical Adventism, but the legitimacy of today’s Seventh-day Adventist church depends entirely upon their veracity.

Are those visions true?

Before the internet, factual information about Seventh-day Adventism was scarce. Access was mostly controlled by the Adventist’s themselves.

And SDAs aren’t forthcoming about who they are or what they believe. Much only becomes apparent after joining them.

And decades ago, that’s what happened to me. I didn’t find out about the depth and breath of SDA-ism until I had experienced it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to repeat my experience.

Today, information concerning Adventism is well documented and easy to obtain. Web sites like Sabbatismo, Truth or Fables and Ellen White Exposed are devoted to debunking the historical, prophetical and religious fables proffered by the Seventh-day Adventist Church as the gospel of Christ.

After understanding the real history and theology of Adventism, becoming or remaining an Adventist is like:

“…still believing in the Wizard of Oz after Toto pulls back the curtain.”

Bill Mayer

Seventh-day Adventism error was so expertly and thoroughly documented that I won’t duplicate that effort here.

Rather, I’ll focus on how those errors affected me. And upon my SDA experience in general. I’ll write in the third-person as it’s reflective in nature. And, although it’s taken more than two decades, I’m no longer that same naive and gullible young man that was so easily ensnared.

My SDA Experience


Not interested in my personal experiences? And yet, still want to become a SDA? Then get prepared for a learning experience in the Land of Oz. You’ll learn that:

  • Ellen G White’s prophecies reflect the ignorance, bigotry and gullibility of her time
  • there is no enlightenment from god in them unless it was plagiarized from someone else
  • her prophecies have a 100% failure rate
  • they are often expedient and contradictory
  • she shameless plagiarized, appropriated and misrepresented other’s ideas and experiences as her own
  • she lied about and rewrote her own experiences/history
  • she was exempt from the proscriptions of her own prophecies
  • church leaders edited out, ignored or denied embarrassing history and doctrine
  • these deceptive practices continue today
  • the “Spirit of Prophecy” refers and is limited to books containing Ellen G White’s visions
  • there is no evidence that any Holy Spirit, or any spiritual gifts, including prophecy, were ever manifested in the SDA Church
  • underneath a thin Christian vernier, SDA churches are rigid, frozen and spiritually dead


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