Probiotics for the Nose

Science Friday does it again.

Reporting in Science Translational Medicine, researchers write that healthy sinuses are populated by a diverse population of bacteria, including Lactobacillus species. Study author Susan Lynch discusses whether a microbial spray might be a good cure for the sniffles.

This Microbes Benefit More Than Just the Gut podcast is an interesting listen. It should gives anyone wanting to live well something to ponder.

And it hints at explaining why my kombucha experience was so profound.

I think the study of probiotic bacteria quantifies why natural approaches work so well. Natural is all about relationships and balance. As the probiotic bug is to man, so man is to this world. This understanding will completely change the world.

The medical arts are a good example. Someday, when they becomes natural, medicine will be 180 degrees from today’s kill, cut, or burn the bad guy, and hope for the best approach. Instead the bad guys will be surrounded and overwhelmed by the good guys which will destroy disease and restore health.

Check it out!


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