Paradise Revisted

Speaking of Florida land. Well, I’ve got some. In fact, I had some for quite awhile. And now I’ve got some more with a house on it.

When you pick up from a place like this:


And drop into one like this:


Well, it’s paradise if growing things is a passion.

So, after reading Julia Morton’s book about all the neat stuff I could grow here. And looking at the limited agricultural potential on the home place, it was time to pay a visit to our long held undeveloped land.

From the road, not too bad. And maybe even a fruit tree already growing there? But I think it’s going to take much work and time before exotic fruit orchards are growing there.

Yep, it’s a grower’s paradise! And there’s an abundance already there.

After owning the land for more than a decade, I sure wish I’d started planting some trees sooner.

My friend Bob said that it looks like all we wanted was 40 acres and a mule to retire on. I laughed at the time, convinced its was true for my wife. But I think she’s converted me to her way of thinking.

I’m a little short of 40 acres. And I’ve been told about a few other shortcomings along the way. But just how much does a mule cost anyhow?  🙂


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