Not Wyoming Anymore Toto


Well Toto, we’ve been homeless and blown about by the Wyoming wind of change since May 9th. It almost dropped us in several different places. But now that wind’s gone and look at this. I know we’re not in Wyoming anymore!


First of all, some of the trees are strange.


And many of those flowered trees are filled with even more strange, but delightful tasting fruit and prehistoric looking creatures.



And there’s a magical water that causes old, fat, bald, azure wave tossed men to shamelessly giggle with delight.

Looks Like Home

Even Toto gets a new dog house.

And yes, although that Wyoming home is gone, there’s now a home for us here. And it’s close to family and friends. What a joy!

Yes, even Toto gets a new dog house.

Dorothy, you are beautiful and look happy here.


Yes, Toto I am happy.