Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

What more can be said? The beginnings of my love of nature go far back into childhood where wonder, beauty, and nature’s intertwining wrap filled my live with joy and purpose.

Somewhere along the way I lost much of that inspiration as:

  • my spiritual connection with nature was replace by a dead, legalistic religion
  • family responsibilities absorbed more of my alone time
  • difference in life’s direction with my spouse has left me angry and depressed

It’s certainly be awhile since I’ve felt connected to much. I’ve spent too much time passing by nature. And this last political season has left me exhausted as billions were spent avoiding the real issues of our time. I suspect living in a red, drill and kill state didn’t help either. 😉

To be taken back to life’s fundamentals is a gift. It’s something I’ve missed. It’s a part of me that often needs refreshed.



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