My Kombucha Experience

Kombucha, a fermented tea brewing up in a water crock.


A few years back, I decided to brew some mead. I find the fermenting process fascinating, but don’t enjoy alcohol much.

While discussing mead making with Ben Brewcat, the mead forum moderator at Beesource, the subject of kombucha came up.

I’d never heard . But it was a fast, tasty, low alcohol ferment. So, I gave it a try while waiting for my mead to age.

Then, I began drinking about a cup a day. Here’s what happened:

I’d been afflicted with a skin aliment since my youth. There’s no known cure. Modern medicine can relieve the symptoms. But the drugs used have more long term side effects that are worse than any benefits. Well, within 24 hours, the itching associated with the irritated skin disappeared. Within three days, the slight swelling associated with the irritated skin also disappeared. Within a month, 99% of the irritated areas disappeared.

During that time:

  • I lost joint pain that had plagued me for a decade, commercial beekeeping is rough on the back and joints
  • I regained full movement in my right shoulder
  • And a sense of wellness replaced what ever biologically stressed out condition I thought was normal

Once you’re over 50, some of the things lost and gained along the way become more apparent.

  • hair texture
  • intestinal fortitude
  • urinary function
  • energy level
  • sexual prowess
  • and weight increases

Using kombucha, a probiotic, has reversed my losses to that of a man 10 to 15 years younger. And I’ve lost some weight. Before using it, I felt old. After using it, I feel alive.

Using kombucha was the most phenomenal physiological experience of my life.

My Wife

My wife, a nurse, was more than skeptical. She thought I’d poison myself with that ugly looking concoction.

But when she saw my results, she tried it. Within a month, her joint paint completely disappeared, allowing her to get up off her knees without help or pain. And her hair has returned to the luster and thickness it had when she was in her 30’s.


This is the first time I’ve shared the real benefits I’ve experienced in detail. Before now, I’d refused to get into any details, knowing that it would sound too good to be true and is branded as snake oil. ūüôā

If the situation would arise, I’d simply say take a little kombucha, 1/4 cup, ¬†each day, for a month and see what happens.

Almost everyone who tried it came back enthusiastic and with their own list much like mine.

One individual didn’t have a life changing experience. But does enjoy the beverage and didn’t experience anything threatening.

Kombucha Magic

The kombucha scoby, a symbiotic microbial culture that transforms tea into kombucha.

Is there some magic compound in the kombucha? I think not.

It’s just many little things working together that enable one’s body to get back on track.

I think there’s something endemic in the environment that messes up the delicate balances and relationships necessary for good health.

Maybe, our agricultural and food processing methods interfere with natural processes that support and replenish those symbiotic microbial relationships.

In my situation, I was healthy and hadn’t used any antibiotics or any kind of medications for more than two decades. How my system got so far out of balance, I don’t know. Could it have been the beekeeping chemicals/drugs I was exposed to when keeping commercial bees? Something to think about!

But restoring that balance is what makes the use of probiotics so profoundly effective on humans.

I suspect that someone with a good beneficial bacteria balance will be as healthy as possible. And probably wouldn’t notice any beneficial effects from kombucha.

Kombucha and Honey

Kombucha needs sugar to ferment. And honey is a great, natural probiotic sweetner. Why not use honey instead of sugar for kombucha?

I’ve tried it and the results weren’t good. Honey is loaded with sugar tolerant yeasts/bacteria. And some of those beasties are sour and can¬†out compete¬†¬†those found in kombucha. They do no harm. But don’t taste good ¬†either.


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