Miner’s Rescued

What can I say! What a series of miracles.

  • They survived the collapse
  • They were found
  • The drills reached them quickly and with few problems
  • Everyone was extracted safely

I’ve spent a lot of time designing mines. And I’ve spent some time in them. I’ve seen a few rock spalls, roof falls and rock bursts. I’ve been down to the 4800 hundred foot level. Taken a man car a mile away and descended an incline to the 6200 foot level.

But I’ve nseen anything like what was accomplished in that collapsed mine. I stand in awe of what was done tonight.

And I stand in awe of the rescue team. Manuel Gonzalez, a mining rescue expert was the first one down the borehole and the last to leave. He and his rescue team had the right stuff.

And I cheer with all those involved. Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le

Now come the consequences of life. And I wish all those involved the best.


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