Meet your Microbes

Field Guides

“What we need is a full field guide to the microbes that live in and on people, so that we can understand what they’re doing to our lives. We are them; they are us.” (Jonathan Eisen)

There’s work going on to define the microbial makeup inside us. It’s a great start. But only just the beginning. It is interesting to see a field guide to the microbes that live both inside and on us.

Nurturing Our Probiotic Systems

When the importance of probiotic systems are understood, we will nurture them. And when they become damaged or lost, restoration is the only answer to good health.

Maybe the next generation of health adventurers will search the world over to locate humans with the greatest microbial diversity. I’ll bet there’s a new Louis Pasteur out there somewhere armed with the knowledge and power of probiotics.

As romantic as individual effort is,  a collaborative worldwide effort is better. Then the power of the human hive could be put to use.


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