March Harvest – White Yam

End of March and another beautiful day in paradise. It’s still relatively cool, in the 80’s. And the humidity is low at about the same number.

In another month, both those numbers will increase by an unconfortable 10. Then mid-day vigorous outside work morphs into a slow, measured pace that accomodates the tropical heat and humidity.

But that’s not today. And it’s time to spend the morning outside, enjoying the tropics. I’ll

  • spuce up the yard
  • transplant some ferns
  • check out the Mangos
  • harvest a couple of ripe Papaya
  • and my favorite, dig up a yam
March Mangos five weeks after blossoming.


Forearm sized Papaya and White Yam.


Crisp, dense, juicy White Yam.

Digging yams is like hunting for buried treasure. They’re never where one thinks they’ll be. And just what is buried is always a surprise.

The yam plants are a favorite. They

  • are high yielding
  • don’t require special soil
  • pest and disease resistant
  • don’t need irrigation
  • add a tropical, exotic look to landscaping

This is the first time I’ve dug and washed the sand off a White Yam for a photo. Wrong, according to my Jamaican wife. Never wash a White Yam after digging it. Without the water, they’ll keep for awhile. Wash them and they must be consumed the same day.

Oh, well, I’ll just have to suffer through fresh White Yams and gravy, for lunch! LOL