Manatee Time

Manatees congregating at FPL’s Manatee Lagoon.

Well, our annual two days of winter have arrived. Highest temperatures will be in the 50s, lows are in the low 30s. Infrequently, the lowest temperatures dip into the upper 20s. This year it’s forecast to be an exceptionally cold one.

For those adjusted to usual 80 degree subtropical temperatures, that cold. I’m one of them. And so are the Manatees.

During cold weather, I’m attracted to anything warm. And so are the Manatees. They often congregate in warmer water. And it’s easy to see them near a power plant which exhaust excess heat into the ocean. The Manatee Lagoon is such a place. And even has a controllable webcam to watch them online.

Fortunately, our subtropic winter temps don’t last long. They usually occur just before sunrise. And last, at most, just a few hours.

But that’s long enough to severely damage some tropical plants. So, orchids are moved indoors. And my tropical fruit trees gets sprinkled with warm well water.

No iced coffee for me. Today, it’s a large, piping hot, mug full. I’m wrapped up in blanket. Watching the Manatees online. And keeping warm until our normally cool 80 degree temps return.

Until then, it’s winter in the subtropics. 😉