Kumquats ripe for the picking.
Kumquats ripe for the picking.

Almost all our fruit trees got snapped off, shredded or blown over. But the leaves and fruit on the Kumquat tree made it through hurricane Matthew unscathed.

Now that fruit is ripening. And it’s refreshing to pluck a ripe one. Then eat it on the spot. Delicious!

The Kumquat is a thumb sized, oval citrus that’s eaten whole.

At first bite, the juicy, lemony flavor from the fruit’s center puckers the mouth. But then that sourness is quickly followed by the sweetness of the skin. The more it’s chewed, the sweeter it gets. A interesting fruit.

They ripen during the winter. And I would buy and eat them when living in the frozen north. Growing Kumquats was a big plus for moving to the subtropics.


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