Kombucha Withdrawl

Going, going, gone. Not a drop to be found.

Through a series of inadvertent circumstances, I failed to ferment more kombucha and ran out. Days without kombucha turned into weeks. And weeks turned into more than a month before I got serious and starting brewing another batch.

  • most of my pre-kombucha symptoms gradually returned
  • once drinking kombucha it took a month to get back almost to normal
  • remnants of some symptoms, previously eliminated with kombucha, remained

My withdrawal started inadvertently.

  • an unpredictable work schedule
  • a trip to Florida
  • traveling to Texas to welcome my son home
  • and an undrinkable batch of way over-brewed kombucha prepared the way

I used up my bottled kombucha. No more in the fridge. And nothing brewing in the water crock. Then I got lazy.

Four Weeks Ago

I’m out of kombucha. No problem. No health differences at all. Sure, I miss my evening glass. I’ve become accustomed to its taste. It’s refreshing. And I like the feeling of well-being it makes when I’m drinking it.

I must start another batch this next weekend.

Three Weeks Ago

Still no kombucha. But that’s OK. Haven’t noticed any drastic impacts on my health. I did have a little minor intestinal distress and an irritated throat. But you know how that is. It’s often common this time of year when the air is so dry. That’s what must be causing my skin to itch as well.

Must get a batch of kombucha brewing soon.

Two Weeks Ago

I’ve got a sore neck and stiff back. Haven’t had either in years. Must have slept on them wrong. And I feel a little out of sorts, off my mental edge. Maybe I’m coming down with something.

I’m putting on a little more weight than normal. I haven’t been watching the numbers. But in my own self awareness, I’m feeling fat. And I’m wondering if I’m beginning to have prostrate problems. Are those little red spots on my skin a new out break of my skin ailment? I never had them there before.

Maybe it’s just the dry air. Maybe I need more exercise. Seems like I don’t have the energy for that lately.

Must get some kombucha started soon.

A Week Ago

I’ve got pain in my right shoulder again! There’s a stiffness in my neck, back legs and knees. I’m definitely off my mental edge. And my pants are telling me I’m putting on weight.

I’m feeling fat, tired, stiff, sore and dull.

Oh my gosh! I’m feeling the same way I felt four years ago before I starting using kombucha. You can read about that experience here. And I’ve accumulated a few more aches and pains along the way. I’m feeling old! Not nice!

Has it been four weeks since I’ve used kombucha? Where did all that time go?

Now, it will be at least another week before another batch of kombucha is ready. No time to delay.

Five Weeks Without Kombucha

Looking back over the last 5 weeks, I now realize I’ve regressed myself to an almost pre-kombucha state. It’s taken about the same amount of time to regress back to my old self as it did to be rejuvenated by drinking kombucha. These symptoms were less intense than before using kombucha. But I suspect, given a few more weeks, they is just as intense as before.

And I’m not about to let that happen! I’ve got a new batch brewing. And I will be back on track in a couple of weeks. If I forget, I’ve got a shoulder that reminds me every time I turn and reach for something. Ouch!

Five Weeks Later

Kombucha crock in action.

It takes time for a dormant kombucha culture to get back into balance. As a result the first couple of batches are seldom of premium quality. But now the culture is in balance. And the kombucha produced is great.

Wish I could say the same for myself. Most of my aliments previously healed by drinking kombucha are gone. But some small traces, related to my skin, still remain. Somehow they are stubbornly resisting being completely eliminated.

It is great if using kombucha would have replenished the probiotic critters and my body could sustain them. I’d still drink kombucha recreationally, just for its unique taste and refreshing qualities.

But it’s clear that my body cannot. So, I’m addicted for life and for health.

It’s not a bad addition. There are no negative side effects. And it’s a small price to pay for the great health benefits I found by using it. I’d take it as medicine even if it tasted horrible and cost alot more. 😉


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