Kombucha Wear

I’ve taken kombucha mushrooms, a cellulose by-product of producing the kombucha beverage. Dried them. And then tried to use them as backup culture sources, without much success.

I’ve also wondered if those dried cultures retained the medicinal characteristics of the liquid and could be used where brewing was inconvenient. Some medicinal values were retained. But, for me, drinking kombucha much more enjoyable than chewing the mushroom. That ended my toying with the kombucha mushroom. Since then, I’ve just thrown them away.

Fashion designer Suzanne Lee has also been experimenting with kombucha mushrooms. Check out that kombucha mushroom based vest she’s wearing!

Now that’s thinking out of the box! And it’s just the beginning of a whole new way of looking at our microbe world. Maybe this kind of thinking will be the way our species and this world is able to survive beyond our uncontrolled, unsustainable consumption.

For me, maybe some completely sustainable and biodegradable in electric blue. Add a little virus technology¬†and it’s possible to make clothing electric with real electricity!

What do you think?


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