It’s Hot!

us heatIt’s that time of year in South Florida. The sub tropical sun boils Florida’s water vapor producing some of most unbearable heat and humidity around. It’s a time of year that Floridians can just barely endure.  But those who stick it out the next 2 months, figure it’s a fair trade for the 10 months of ideal weather that follows.

In Florida, air conditioning and the ice machines provided the needed chill. Air conditioning moderates the temperature. But it does little to buffer the mind’s constant sense of infrared overdose.For most it’s an indoor time of the year.

Too Cold

antarctica extremesFor some, remembering cooler times and colder climes only exasperates things. But here’s some chill that makes Florida’s summer heat seem balmy by comparison.

Yes, it was -106 in Concordia Antarcticia! That’s 201 degrees colder than yesterday’s heat here. And it will get colder there before it gets warmer!

I’ve worked at -60F in  Alaska. Yet, I can’t even image what it’s like at twice that.

Man, I feeling better about Florida’s heat already. 😉

Too Hot

And while wondering around on the weather maps. the whole of Northern Africa, and the Middle East had temperatures around 110F. The chart shows temperatures in Southern Arizona and South Texas resemble those of the Middle East!

Man, that’s just too hot! And it’s going to get hotter as the season progresses.

I’ve worked at 120F in Wyoming’s deserts. But those daytime highs occurred for just a few days of the year. And the nightime temperatures were seldom above 80F. A nice daily temperature drop.

Yes, I’m feeling better about Florida’s heat. It’s at least manageable.

Just Right

I suspect some people from the colder regions of this earth would embrace a few hours of Florida’s heat. At least some are probably dreaming .

I know I did when working those dark, blizzard Wyoming shifts at -30F. Although, I couldn’t afford it, I thought a hot steam room is the perfect way to finish off such a day. And what do you know? Now I’ve got the same steam room environment. Just open the door and step outside. 😉

I suspect some people from hotter regions could come to Florida just to cool off. And they might feel right at home spending a day on the hot, scorching sand of a South Florida beach.

For a temperate climate guy like me, summer time at the beach consists of less than 2 hours, when the sun is low in the sky. Then it’s time to enjoy my air conditioner, and chill out with something icy to drink.

Even though it’s almost too hot, with a little time, a little endurance, and all things considered, it’s just about right here in South Florida.



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