Hurricane Matthew

Lightning sprites captured by Frankie Lucena above Matthew. Does this look like angels with their swords drawn? An omen?

Hurricane Matthew became dangerous, fast. It has come and gone on the Treasure Coast.

And we have survived the last 72 hours essentially unscathed.

The “farm”, our backyard garden was destroyed. But that’s of no consequence compared to the:

  • 140mph winds
  • 7′ sea surge
  • 10″ of rain
  • the embedded tornadoes

and resulting loss of power, roof, property that we had expected. That destruction was so close, but stayed just a dozen miles away from us, offshore.

Considering all the destruction hurricane Matthew caused both before and after it passed the Treasure Coast, we have been fortunate. And are thankful.

Now it’s time to help those who were less fortunate.


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