Human Microbiome News

scientific americanScientific American has published New Insights into the Human Microbiome .

Of the half-dBozen microbiome articles in the journal, two studies stand out as being among the largest ever conducted on the gut microbes that inhabit healthy people’s large intestines and help with digestion and various immune processes—among other things. . .

. . .researchers identified 14 different microbial genera that form the core microbiomes of nearly 4,000 people—mainly from northern Europe. This list provides unprecedented insights into the basics of microbial inheritance and evolution, says researcher Martin. . .

The factors affecting the human microbiome and health are summarized:

  • fiber
  • medications
  • diabetes
  • metformin
  • hormones
  • antihitamines
  • chocolate
  • beer
  • nursing
  • c section delivery
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • genetics
  • environmental hygiene

An interesting read.


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