Human Hive

Kowloon City, a human hive?

We humans marvel at the efficacy of the honeybee colony. That superorganism houses, breeds, feeds, cares, cleans, defends and propagates itself in the most efficient and resilient manner possible.

In spite of all the challenges and changes, the honeybee has survived intact for millions of years, while most everything else with origins that ancient has disappeared.

So, if humans were given the opportunity, what would our hive look like?

Well here’s one possibility, the Walled City of Kowloon.

Some of the solutions are remarkably similar to those in a bee hive.

  • population density is high
  • tasks are self organized
  • make the most of local resources
  • all trash and debris is dropped to the bottom
  • newer structures are built upon existing ones
  • are those travel stains?
  • residents navigate by smell rather than sight

Thinking about it, there are probably more. But I’ll leave those to your observations.

As a human, I’d like to think our hive is more garden-of-edenish. But looking at what we’ve done to our environment, Kowloon is probably a good human hive approximation. In this regard, the bees and ants are far ahead of us. 🙂

And don’t forget Roman Mar’s 99% Invisible #66 podcast.



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