Honda CX Update

This Honda was the most pristine bike I’ve ever encountered. All the rubber stops and plugs were supple and just like brand new. It still had those stick on decals, Honda puts on the gas tank and speedometer, noting break in procedures and warranties. The tool kit had never been opened. And the riders manual was just like the tool kit. Other than a few scratches where someone had set something on the tank, it was spotless.

Yet, this bike has given me one small surprise after another.

  • it developed a water pump seal weep turned gusher
  • the timing advance on the left cylinder shorted out
  • the brake disks wore unevenly at an astounding rate
  • the horn conked out
  • the clear coat covering all the chrome parts is flaking off

Then, the exhaust system which showed no signs of corrosion, began to corrode and then rust through. And that’s not such a minor problem.

It’s like I’m watching a bike succumb to it’s age in some kind of time warp.

My other machines, although aged, weren’t ridden much distance. But I think they were fired up most years keeping them in shape.

But because of this Honda’s condition, I think it initially must have been ridden. Then it set for a long time without any use until I starting riding it again. And it is just falling apart.


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