Home Grown Pineapple

It’s been a year since moving to Florida. And it’s time to harvest our first pineapple. Yep, it takes a year to grow the first one.

A quick twist separates the fruit from a new transplant and next year’s pineapple.

This pineapple tastes as different as it looks. It is low acid, has a mild pineapple flavor with tropical fruit overtones. And it lacks the fibrous texture I’m familiar with. More resembling a high quality mango. Almost peach like.

Just like home grown tomatoes, home grown pineapples taste so much better than the store bought ones.

But unlike the struggle to grow south Florida tomatoes where heat, drought, and every known tomato disease and pest destroy them, pineapples thrive without any care.

A little time and I’ll have a pineapple patch. They’re just so easy to grow.


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