Hello Boys, I’m Back!

The Idea

fadi10The grass is certainly greener in Florida than Wyoming. But after circling the palm trees, it’s back to Wyoming’s western ways for me.

The Details

Adios Wyoming 2006

I was born and raised in Wyoming. As a skinny kid, I first worked bees for a commercial beekeeper there. College, the Army, and some initial pursuits carried me to other places. But I returned with my new bride and raised my family there. We boomed and busted with the economy. And survived with our many friends through wonderful, as well as some difficult times.

But it was time for a change. We were empty nesters. Wyoming’s economy was at a peak. And it was time to experience something different while we still had the enthusiasm and energy to enjoy it. Wyoming’s wind was blowing me to a warmer, wetter tropical climate.

My wife’s a tropical bird. And I’d always wanted to experience the tropics and the ocean in particular. We’d spent little time with my wife’s family. So, it was Florida, hoa. I wasn’t naive enough to believe that palm trees equal paradise. Moving from the rural open wild space, the solitude, the freedom and a western culture, to an urban environment, which is almost opposite in every respect, requires a major adjustment.

Boynton Beach 2007

What happened in South Florida? Not much! It took awhile to acclimatize to the heat and humidity. I didn’t put on a pair of long pants or boots while there. And I spent a lot of¬†time at the beach.

November had the coldest weather of the season, with a low of 56 and a high of 71 degrees. After acclimatizing somewhat, these temps were cool. But I toughed it out in shorts and sandals. ūüėČ


Not. But we were looking for a change and we found it in south Florida. I learned about and grew plants I’ve never heard of. And I saw some neat reptiles and had a ten acre lake in my yard. I was near the ocean, which was a new experience.

Wyoming Hoa 2008

I spent a little more than a year in Boynton Beach. Then it was back to Wyoming. I do miss the Boynton Inlet, the green winter weather, the sense of adventure associated with living in a new area, monsoon rains, and growing exotic plants.

I don’t miss the constant noise, lack of freedom, traffic, crime, corruption and lack of employment.

But I do wish I could have spent more time there. And I’m looking forward to future visits. I still own property in the area. So, I’ll be back.