Green Sapote


Looks like what I bought.

Last July I came across a hard-as-a-baseball, olive-green fruit. It was the size of a small cantaloupe. I bought one.

My wife recalled eating a few of them as a small child, and didn’t like them much.

She would nick the skin and eat them when the layer underneath turned reddish. So, watched, waited and knicked it up from time to time.


It didn’t take long.

Ripe Green Sapote.

Three days later, the knife met the fruit revealing a soft reddish-orange interior and a large and uniquely strange seed.

And oh my! Do you remember when you mother or grandmother prepared the holiday yam dish?

Those yams is wallowing in a deep baking dish, primed with brown sugar. Sometimes basted with 7-up. And then often topped off with marshmallows.

And who could forget the pumpkin pie filling!

Now, imagine mixing both of them together.  That’s how this fruit tasted! It was so sweet it’s almost illegal and maybe even sinful in some circles.

That’s why a certain girl, so long ago, disliked them. They were just way too sweet. But that’s something that a certain young, sugar-bowl-raiding boy that I know well, couldn’t comprehend .


What to do with that seed? Plant it of course. Here’s how the Green Sapote sprouted and grew over  4 months.

The Green Sapote is a beautiful plant. And it’s the sweetest, most unique fruit I’ve ever eaten.


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