Gone Again

The Idea

Hello Boys, I'm Back

Goodbye boys, I’m heading back east.

It’s the end of the Wyoming bee natural guy. At least the Wyoming part anyway.

Sound familiar? Same thing happened a few years ago when I sold my bees, motorcycle, house and moved to Florida.

Well, I’m leaving again. This time to South Carolina. And for many of the same reasons.

That Florida experience didn’t end too well. Hope I’ve learned something from it and won’t make the same mistakes this time.

The Bees

Unfortunately, selling the bees will terminate my observations on:

  • Mann Lake PF-100 frames
  • upper entrance skunk deterrent
  • natural broodnest approximations
  • upper entrance seasonal dynamics
  • upper entrance overwintering

Saw some interesting stuff. I’ll share the details below.

Fortunately, there’s a whole new beekeeping experience waiting. It will take awhile to settle in. But after that I’m eager to learn from some great beekeepers. And I’m especially looking forward to seeing Carl Chesick and the Ashville gang again.