Glass Frog

Look at those eyes. And that translucent, lime green skin. Notice the white highlights.

This glass frog is beautiful isn’t it?

I’ve never see a living one.

But I’ve found a real glass one, a uranium glass one.

As a production art piece, it lacks those eyes and many of the living details. But as a piece of art, I like it.

I’m not sure why?

Maybe out of a little guilt for all the mischief I inflicted on those frogs of my youth. Tragically, there’s not a frog to be found there today.

Or maybe it’s because I now live in the sub tropics where the dominant predator is a reptile. And reptile life abounds.

But most certainly because uranium glass is highly fluorescent and rare. And this little uranium glass frog is beautiful in natural and ultraviolet light.

This little frog has found a home guarding my mineral collection and in my heart.