Ft Pierce Farmer’s Market

In Wyoming

Wyominng fall weather moving in.
Wyoming winter weather moving in.

Got a call from a Wyoming friend. It’s:

  • -26F
  • snowing
  • wind is predicted to blow at 40mph
  • storm should last a week
  • forecast high temperatures in the low single digits
  • the landscape is brown, gray, white

After an idyllic fall, the weather has finally turned brutal there. It’s a little late. But not unexpected. Usually the first real blizzard arrives Halloween week.

I remember the Wyoming winter with its:

  • crisp fresh winter air
  • hunkering down inside
  • pleasurable times stirring coals around the fire

Lots of window time during a Wyoming winter.

Florida Winter

Looking out my window, it’s different.
Looking out my Florida winter window, it’s different.

Florida winter days are like the best summer days I remember in the Wyoming mountains. In Wyoming they are few. In Florida, there are months of them.

  • one rain day per week
  • high temperatures approach 80F
  • low temperatures around 60F
  • with a gentle breeze to no wind
  • verdant green landscape profuse with bloom
  • azure sky and water


Have plenty Wyoming winter memories. Now it’s time to make some new memories. Florida winter memories:

  • in shorts and sandals
  • with expanding horizons
  • outside with the green grass, flowers and palms

What to do? It’s early Saturday morning. So, it’s off to explore the Ft. Pierce Farmer’s Market.

One of Ft. Pierce’s docks.
One of Ft. Pierce’s docks.

Arriving, the weather was idyllic. We walked along the boat docks observing sea life and seeing what the rich and famous do in their spare time. Some of those boats are huge and expensive.

The Market

Approaching the market from the docks.
Approaching the market from the docks.

It’s at the east end of Orange Street, in historic downtown Ft. Pierce, next to the seawall.

  • dozens of craft and art vendors
  • prepared ethnic foods
  • fresh and organic vegetables/meat
  • fresh seafood
  • spices
  • local honey
  • orchids and tropical plants
  • live music
  • a casual, relaxed atmosphere
  • plenty of parking
  • an idyllic seaside setting
  • lots of seaside/park tables and benches
  • it’s free

The Music

The band.
The band.

Approaching the market, live music greets us. It’s good! So good in fact that we spent an hour setting on the seawall. Listening to the music. And watched pelicans feed on the schools of fish as they swim by.

A young couple begins dancing. The man in his 80’s, and a slightly younger woman captured everyone’s attention. They dance and swoop. Her head is just inches from the ground.

After the initial fear of an impending accident dissipated, the dancer’s joy spread throughout the crowd as they demonstrated their youthful exuberance and skill. They clearly were not amateurs.

The music’s effect wasn’t lost on those 20 times younger, who instinctively jumped and twirled to the beat. They were having just as much fun.

Like almost everyone else, I was too shy and unskilled to join either group. If you’ve been here awhile, that’s no surprise as I written about my dancing before.

The Food

The prepared food was enticing. Who can resist those ethnic aromas?

It’s early, just 9am. But short lines are already forming as people succumbed to a treat while walking along the seawall.

For me, just after breakfast. It’s just too early. A little later in the day is another story. Next time we’ll come a little later.

More time there relaxing, chatting, and enjoying watching the fish, birds and people. Then it’s time for a little shopping.

The Groceries


There’s some good-looking produce. The prices are comparable with the grocery store. But there’s no comparing the quality. This stuff is fresh.

Now, my wife is in her element.

  • looking for the freshest
  • catching the bargains
  • finding the rare and exotic

My part is to stand back and get out-of-the-way.

When we meet, I’ll commander any full shopping bags. And she’s off again. We’ll share her finds later.

I buy a little honey, a strange act for a life-long but retired beekeeper, now without bees. Then I find myself gawking at some mushrooms.

That’s where we our paths cross.

Back Out

It’s some of our favorite mushrooms in the bag. It’s past 12 and time to go.

  • more leisurely time enjoying the music
  • some people watching
  • chatting with a few passers-by

And then it’s home to a great lunch of:

  • fresh mushrooms, onions, garlic
  • smoked salmon
  • sliced heritage tomatoes and cucumbers with olive oil and herbs
  • a little wine

All but the wine and olive oil came from the Farmer’s Market. And it cost just $16. That’s a bargain for a gourmet meal that would cost 10 times that amount prepared at a restaurant.

What a beautiful day. What an enjoyable way to spend some leisurely time with my wife. And get a great lunch. This makes for some great Florida winter memories. And I’m liking it.


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