Friend is Back

friend-fleeingGreat news. I saw Friend! What a welcome sight.

She wandered out of the woods across the street from us. Headed past my driveway. Stopped. Starred. Took a few more steps toward the vacant lot next to us. Stopped. Starred again. Craned her neck. Paused as if in shock. And, after a few moments, headed back towards the woods.

That small plot of paradise, she frequently called home, was gone. It was razed with little regard for the well being of creatures like a Gopher Tortoise who adopted us when we moved into our Florida home.

Months before clearing began,  I decided to relocate her. So, when she was sunning by her burrow, I’d pay her a visit. Waking from her nap and finding me staring at her must have been disturbing. After a couple of visits, she abandoned that burrow and relocated to one of her other burrows across the road.

Normally quite tolerate of my wife, less so of me, I wondered why she abandoned her burrow so quickly?

Sometime later, I found out. Friend had a family! And they are just the cutest, egg sized little creatures, that I have seen.


Crossing the road. They graze the small, succulent weeds from our lawn. And retire to safety and cover of the lot next to us, a dangerous choice.

So, I’d been physically relocating Friend’s family back across the road. After a few encounters, they stayed there. And I hadn’t seen any of them for at least a month.

So, seeing Friend was a relief. She survived. Now I hope to see some of her family.


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