Free Flying

Flying has always been my passion. Forty years ago, strapped in an aluminum tube powered by avgas, I spent much time in the air. But, in my dreams, I never flew encumbered by metal and gas fumes.

Today, many flyers, my sons among them, fly with little more than a bag full of nylon cloth, a few hundred feet of cord and a body full of adrenalin. They climb up and leap off anything that gives them some air time. In a pinch they’ll even jump out of a airplane for fun.

A decade ago, I completed a sky diving ground school and almost took to the air. Back then, my arm movement was limited by intense shoulder pain when placed behind my back. A well meaning instructor pulled up on my arm to help me find the ripcord. And that pain brought focus to my adrenalin fueled thinking. For me skydiving became:

  • unsafe in some situations, were I couldn’t pull the cord
  • too expensive
  • too limited with no options for skydiving in Wyoming

I chickened out and decided to go another direction with something safer and cheaper like maybe motorcycles, another youthful passion. Yes, I’m approaching my second childhood. ­čÖé

Since those almost skydiving days, drinking kombucha has removed all joint pain. I now have complete freedom of movement. And confess to again thinking about dream flying.

And with a paraglider, upward flight is possible.

  • it’s much closer to my dream flying
  • is fueled by less adrenalin
  • and still has much appeal

When I retire and have more time to spend with my sons, I’m going to let them show me how they fly.┬áBut for now, I fly vicariously through the helmet cams of those who do. It’s truly free flying.

Here’s one of my favorites. It’s my son Jon enjoying a few┬árare, leisurely┬ámoments paragliding down the road from his home when he’s not saving the world from the bad guys.


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