Florida Papaya

Heirloom tomatoes are hard to grow in South Florida. We’ve struggled to grow them here. But Papaya sure isn’t. The trees are actually a large herb. They:

  • are fast growers
  • produce heavily
  • require little attention
  • yield fruit most of the year

Like many tropical plants, papayas produce a copious amount of latex to protect themselves and their immature fruit from pests.  And it works most of the time.

But as the green fruit just begins to change color, latex production diminishes. And it’s time to harvest them and let them ripen inside.

If left on the tree to ripen, some papaya loving creature will get them first. Because everything down here likes ripe papaya.

This year, our crop was so heavy that I had to prop them up with bamboo to prevent them from falling over in the wind.


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One response to “Florida Papaya”

  1. -dBguy says:

    Hi Guys

    The last papaya tree damaged by hurricane Matthew has succumbed. The seeds I planted to replace them last December were slow to germinate. I though they’d failed. But 3 out of 18 sprouted about mid May. Something wasn’t right. Maybe it was just too cold.

    So, I bought a couple of 1′ tall transplants for replacements. I’ll work my home grown ones in somewhere when then get about the same size.

    Just can’t be without good papaya.


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