Dream Flying

This is exactly how the world looks when I’m flying, unfettered in my dreams.  Looking down or backward, a spherical world rolls by. Looking out, I see the more traditional perspective typical of my piloting days.

Things get interesting when my dreams take me mountain flying, on a dark star-lit night. It is sometimes confusing, But the freedom and the experience are exhilarating. I love those dreams.

Here’s another Alaskan paramotoring adventure.

What freedom! Could I find that freedom in Florida?

Experienced pilots who try paragliding/motoring, often enjoy and find it a more rewarding experience than any other kind of flight.

Is this just a dream for me? Or are dreams destined to become reality? Am I too old? Would it cost too much?

Truth is, I’d like to ditch the engine,fuel and noise associated with paramotoring. It’s one step backward toward my airplane flying days.

How my son glides around Hawaii is more like it.

But sandy South Florida isn’t volcanic Hawaii. It might take more than just a sea breeze and a sand hill to get my fat butt off the ground.

I retired. Now I have the time. Not sure about the strength or money.

Time to get some help from my cliff jumping, wing suit flying son. If possible, it’s something this old man would find worth pursuing.



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