Cool Night Air

It’s a mid-August, South Florida night. The frogs, crickets, cicadas and other night creatures, retreating from the heat of day, now return filling the night with song.

And like them, sub tropical nights are a special time. The air is cool. The sounds of nature overwhelm civilization’s buzz. And sweet perfume fills the night air. Ah, the joys of living in a subtropical swamp.

In the tropics, many plants only bloom at night. Most night blossoms are some shade of white and have an unusually strong, sweet, heavy, persistent odor which probably helps pollinates zero in on them.

While daylight bloomers delicately scent the air, night bloomers own it.

Some of my favorites night bloomers are the:

Angel Trumpet is an unusual plant that blooms and is scented during the day. But whose odor changes and intensives during late afternoon and into the evening. Its odor is more spicy than flowery.

Night Blooming Jasamine’s only blooms at nigh. Its fragrance can get so intense, it’s actually hard to breath. And will persist even during a thunderstorm.

But last night was special. We’d been watching the buds on Our Night Blooming Cereus for weeks. it looked like it was ready to bloom. So we enjoyed the tropical night while waiting for this one night, once a year event.

Cereus Bloom
Cereus Bloom.

At about 10 the bloom began opening. By midnight is was in full bloom.

Like many cacti it had a beautiful and complicated bloom, with a delicate, ultra sugar sweet, unusual fragrance. It was worth the wait.

By early morning the bloom was gone.

Another exciting day in the life of a retired couple. And I’m loving it. 🙂