Coconut Water

In Wyoming, it comes like this:

c2o coconut water

You can get it that way here too. But in Florida, there’s another option. Green coconuts!

green coconut

They’re quite a bit heavier than the canned stuff. But, with a machete, they can be opened just as fast.

Unfortunately I don’t own one. But that doesn’t deter an old Wyoming cowboy with a big kitchen knife.

A little hacking and the best coconut water is ready to drink.

hacked coconut

Inside, there’s more than enough coconut water for myself and a couple of friends.

coconut water

But unlike the can, there’s still more goodness inside. Splitting open the green husk and nut reveals the jelly.

jelly coconut

All that’s left is to scoop it out with a spoon.

coconut jelly

And it seems there’s just never enough jelly coconut!


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