Chocolate Pudding Fruit

Ready to pick Black Sapote.

It’s a late Florida December and Black Sapote, the chocolate pudding fruit is ripe. Now, I must admit that, until now, I’d never tasted, seen, or heard of such a thing.

They’re a neat fruit that looks like a large, tough skinned, avocado green, persimmon. They come in different sizes. These are about the size of a grapefruit.

Like persimmons, they need a few days to ripen before they can be consumed. But unlike a persimmon, which ripens into a golden orange, almost translucent skinned fruit, the Black Sapote turns into something that’s dark variegated greenish black.

A ripe one.

And like some ripe persimmons, it’s almost too soft to handle when fully ripe.

Inside, a few large, brown, smooth seeds are embedded in a velvety, chocolate pudding like flesh . Hence the name.

The flavor? At first it tasted just like chocolate!

But then I realized everything tasted like chocolate. I’d eaten a piece of chocolate set aside to compare the Black Sapote’s flavor against before tasting the Sapote. 🙂

So, after a little time and a palate cleansing, I tasted the fruit again. It had a mildly sweet, typical Sapote flavor.

The pudding part.

And that’s surprising, considering how it looked. Most dark brown to black foods I’ve tasted are usually strong, and often bitter.

And they don’t in any way resemble a green sapote.

One final note. These images are courtesy of Polynesian Produce and Oddity Central. Check them out if you want to know more.


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