Another Kind of Dream Flying


This brings back some memories.

Up till now, I’ve shared what my dream flying was like when unaided. Just me and the sky. But I’ve dreamed of another kind of flying. The kind that requires using a flying machine.

Unlike my real airplane piloting based experiences, my dream flying machine was never an airplane. It was always a unique, often muscle powered apparatus.

And regardless of how good things started out, they always ended up:

  • approaching a high tension line
  • not enough room to turn
  • probably not enough energy to climb over it
  • and maybe not enough room to go under it

What to do? Sometimes I’d go one way or the other with mixed, often electrifrying results. 🙁

But after watching this video, maybe crashing into the lines wouldn’t be as bad as I had dreamed.

And I’m certainly grateful it’s possible. As, years ago, my son ended up in the wires when learning to skydive. Yet today, titanium reinforced, he prospers and jumps/flies off everything.

I’ve told him he’s lived my nightmare. And I’m sure he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. But I sure am glad there are better outcomes to this scenario than in my dreams.

I’ve looked for the wire in this video and never saw it. But I did notice the towers on the higher, first pass over the farm house.

My first and most favorite airplane.

Would I have run into them? Would you?

For certain, not me. Because after all those electrifying dreams,  I always:

  • flew my planes higher than any wire
  • overflew the area and planned the route first
  • stick to the planned route
  • fly without any distractions below 400′ agl
  • any distraction or uncertainty – abort instantly

A paramotor cruises less than 1/5 the speed of an airplane. So some absolute values might change. But if I strap a motor on my back and fly again, I’ll fly the same way.

Those dreams still affect me. I know there’s a wire somewhere just waiting. 🙂


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