After Hurricane Matthew



The hurricane shutters are off. The streets are clear of debris. Things are returning to normal after hurricane Matthew passed by.

But the ocean is another story. Except for one day, the ocean remains a mess:

  • the water is murky
  • it has a greenish-gray color
  • the waves are rough, confused and jumbled

The beach looks like it’s in the midst of a big winter storm.

Even though I’d like to get in the water and do a little snorkeling, I think I’ll wait until things are a little more pleasant. From the looks of it, that could be awhile.

It’s just amazing how much energy a hurricane releases into the environment. And how all that energy continues to slosh around in the ocean long after the hurricane is gone.



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One response to “After Hurricane Matthew”

  1. dBguy says:

    South Florida’s coast remains ugly due to all the thrashing from swells associated with Hurricane Nicole now in the North Atlantic. Man that’s a bunch of energy cursing through the ocean’s surface. And it’s hard to believe something so far away, still has such an impact.

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