A Little Paradise Lost

paradise lost
Paradise Lost

There once was this undeveloped lot next to us. It was:

  • a small, untouched slice of primitive Florida
  • a haven for wildlife
  • a repository for native plants
  • an absorber of the tropical heat
  • and a source of shade

With it’s many textures, colors, sights and smells it was more than just a visual barrier. It was an ever changing source of beauty, wonder and joy.


I attempted to buy it. The owner initially wanted almost three times its value. Lengthy negotiations reduced that to about twice what it was worth. Considering:

  • there were 10, better situated, larger, undeveloped lots on this block
  • that our postal zone has more than a thousand homes for sale cheap, most of them left over from the last housing bubble
  • and that much of Port Saint Lucie is in the same state of over development

I declined to buy the lot thinking no one would buy it anytime soon.

But I was wrong. Somebody did buy it. And are clearing it.

After 15 semi-loads of vegetation hauled out, and a few dozen dump truck loads of sand hauled in,  my slice of natural paradise was lost.

But a different kind is on its way to being created.

I’ll have more to share after I recover from shock.


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